Where Are The Central Park Five Today

The Central Park Five Today

The Central Park Five Today

The case of the Central Park Five, five young Black and Hispanic men wrongfully convicted of a brutal rape that took place in Central Park in 1989, shook the city of New York and the entire nation. The infamous case shed light on systemic racism, police misconduct, and the importance of proper investigation procedures.

The Background

In April 1989, a female jogger was brutally assaulted in Central Park. The city was outraged, and the police were under immense pressure to find the culprits. As a result of coerced confessions and flawed evidence, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Korey Wise, and Yusef Salaam, aged 14 to 16 at the time, were wrongly convicted of the crime.

It took over a decade for the truth to come to light. In 2002, a convicted murderer and rapist confessed to the crime and DNA evidence matched his confession. The Central Park Five were exonerated and released from prison, but their lives were forever changed.

Where Are They Today?

Today, the Central Park Five have grown into resilient adults who have used their experiences to advocate for criminal justice reform and raise awareness about wrongful convictions. Although they have faced numerous challenges, their determination has propelled them forward.

Antron McCray

Antron McCray has focused on rebuilding his life and pursuing his passion for art. He helps exonerees transition back into society and shares his story in the hope of preventing similar injustices in the future.

Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson has become a motivational speaker, advocating for the rights of the wrongfully convicted. He works tirelessly to bring attention to the issues of racial profiling and police misconduct.

Raymond Santana

Raymond Santana has dedicated his life to criminal justice reform. He founded the organization Park Madison NYC to help exonerees and works as a public speaker, raising awareness about the flaws in the justice system.

Korey Wise

Korey Wise, the only member of the Central Park Five who was tried and convicted as an adult, has also become an activist for criminal justice reform. He founded the Korey Wise Innocence Project, contributing to the fight against wrongful convictions.

Yusef Salaam

Yusef Salaam has become a prominent public speaker and advocate for criminal justice reform. He frequently participates in panel discussions, sharing his story to educate others about the importance of fair trials and the consequences of systemic racism.

Continuing the Fight

The Central Park Five’s journey is a powerful reminder of the flaws in the justice system and the devastating impact of wrongful convictions. Their experiences highlight the urgent need for reforms to ensure fairness and equality for all.

Systemic Racism and Police Misconduct

The case of the Central Park Five has exposed the deep-rooted issue of systemic racism in the United States. The quickness to accuse young Black and Hispanic individuals without proper evidence is reflective of the inherent biases ingrained in society.

Furthermore, the coerced confessions and questionable investigation procedures raise serious concerns about police misconduct. This case serves as a reminder that law enforcement must ensure unbiased investigations and respect the rights of the accused.

The Importance of Criminal Justice Reform

The wrongful conviction of the Central Park Five highlights the urgent need for criminal justice reform. Reforms should focus on preventing wrongful convictions through improved investigation techniques, mandatory audio-video recording of interrogations, and stronger oversight of police conduct.

Additionally, providing support for exonerees and compensating them for the years they lost in prison is crucial to help them rebuild their lives. It is essential to ensure that innocent individuals are not only freed but also given the resources and support to reintegrate into society successfully.


The story of the Central Park Five reflects the enduring struggle to achieve justice and equality for all. While they have overcome tremendous obstacles, their determination to seek justice and prevent future injustices through advocacy and reform is an inspiration to us all.

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